Team Mission——喜神
Team Mission
Team Mission

Shineasset externalizes such a group of people

They not only create fortune, but also pursuit the spiritual dimensions upon the fortune;
They not only desire to succeed, but also value further development behind success;
They are emerged from the traditional Chinese market, but respect for the universal principles of the market;
They not only make efforts in the comprehensive grafting of financial instruments, but also engaged in the development and 
operation model innovation of the urban in China;
They not only focus on the pragmatic operation based on the domestic conditions, but also take a broad view of the global integration of resources.
Being real estate; being finance.
Being a Chinese company, being an international platform.

Shine has always been concerned about the innovation of business model and the improvement of company management.
Shine pursuit of the business model that leads to win-win external cooperation,
Shine pursuit of the company management that values the sprit of complementary sharing and internal collaboration,
The goal of Shine’s establishment and the internal and external relationship is the joy for everyone.
Being the direction, being the position;
Being the reality, being the ideal.

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