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Project Investment Management
Project Investment Management

Shine Asset’s operation is centered at risk management and has implemented risk management mechanisms to ensure investment safety. Its team provides fund shareholders with regular updates to keep the investors fully informed. In addition, Shine provides its clients with value added services to maximize investor benefits.

1、Initial Decision and Due Diligence

Based on the requirement of the consigner, Shine Asset’s team will conduct initial due diligence to form initial investment decision opinion. 

2、File Preparation

Based on the business plan and requirement of the consigner, investment legal documents will be signed between the project company and the investment fund. Fund will be released according to consigner bank’s fund release requirements. 

3、Fund Release

Ensure fund is release according to the plan. 

4、Investment lenders follow-up matters

After fund is released, Fund will assist Project Company to go through the registration process of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. 

1、Fund Monitoring

Assist consigner and bank to monitor the use of funds, project sales progress, and fund collection process. 

2、Fund Management and Operation

Provide needed services to conduct fund daily operations, including accounting, tax, bank account maintenance, government annual registration, file management, investor relations, public affairs, audits, etc. 

3、Project Management and Operation

Assist the consigner and bank to regularly monitor the project progress. 

4、Platform Management and Maintenance

Design platform management infrastructure such as management structure, regulations, authorization system, and human resource system. 

5、Information Disclosure

Compose quarterly and semi-annual reports. Organize investor meetings, and provide many additional client services. 

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