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Around green building real estate projects, as well as the emerging green building products, intelligent habitation, the ecological cycle and other innovative start-ups, rely on our green people investment platform and Low-Carbon Fund platform to carry out real estate equity investments and upstream and downstream industries vc / pe investment business. Promote the construction of green real estate projects and the marketization and capitalization of green intelligent products.

Project Introduction
Project Introduction

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Green cast industry chain fund Green energy investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Under the support of CRECC, Shine asset cooperate with MOMA to create green industryinvestment platform - "GreenLiving fund." We aim to cooperate with the upstream anddownstream green building cooperation, change the traditional development model, toachieve vertical and horizontal, to promote energy-saving environmental protection industry.


  • My room without worries


  • MOMA of Suzhou
  • MOMA Gusu, Suzhou
  • MOMA Xiangcheng, Suzhou
  • High-tech MOMA, Suzhou


  • MOMA Lake Front Prestige, Hefei

China Energy Saving (Beijing) Investment Company (CESIC) is a financial service company co-founded by Beijing Shine Asset Management Company and China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Company (CESEPC). CESIC integrates resources of CESEPC and fund management capabilities of Shine Asset to better serve CESIC’s goals.


  • And fangxing Properties completed the first carbon deal in China's construction sector


  • Wuhan zero carbon future city


  • China Energy Saving (Beijing) Investment Company (CESIC) Jiangxi headquarters building
  • Jiangxi Nanchang low - carbon industrial park
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