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Technological Parks
Technological Parks

To build new industrial towns with high technology, to reshape the economic vitality with emerging industries, to joint industry capital with innovative service. With Sci-Tech Park as a carrier, carry out thematic investment on the three levels of the high-quality park developers, the park service providers and the park tenants, and invest park development projects around core areas that lead Chinese future economic progress like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Make contribution to the one

Project Introduction

Maotai Circular Economy Industrial Park

Maotai Circular Industrial Park is located in the City of Zunyi, Yaxi County Economic Development Zong. It is 41 kilometers from the City of Zunyi. The Park occupies 12,000 mu of land, of which 4000 mu will be industrial use, 2000 mu will be for urban development use, and 3000 mu will be for ecological agriculture. The total investment is estimated at 3 to 5 billion RMB. This site will feature annual production capability of 60,000 tons of distiller’s grains, 30 million cubic meters of bio-gas,

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